Price Promise

Costs less... Spots less

Price Promise

Now you don’t have to choose between price and safety. Pure2O offers you both with their price promise. Put simply, we’ll beat any genuine system quote from a UK supplier.

How does the price promise work?

We appreciate that sometimes it can be tempting to save money by opting for a competitor’s non crash-tested system, especially if you’re on a budget. For this reason, we will beat any genuine UK quote. If you’ve had a quote for a system or package deal from a UK company, simply forward it to us and we will beat it, with an equivalent, crash-tested Pure2O system.

Price Promise FAQs

Q. I’ve been quoted on a system with poles, hoses etc. Will you match it?
Q. How does it work?
Q. What exactly will you beat?
Q. Do you beat non crash-tested systems?
Q. What do you mean by “equivalent system”?
Q. Are there substantial differences between Pure2O and other systems?
Q. Will my system be fitted?
Q. How can you offer crash-tested systems the same price as non-tested?
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