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Crash Testing

Crash Development Testing - Taking your safety seriously

Don’t be fooled. There is a very real danger that a poorly installed water tank could crush you if you’re involved in a collision. We take your safety seriously.

We know that other companies downplay the danger, claiming it to be less than it really is. They also claim that their own systems are “safe” because they are installed by “engineers” or in their “factory”. They do this simply because they don’t have a crash-tested system.

… you don’t need to compromise on safety, Pure2O offers a cost-effective and safe solution.

The plain fact is, that the ONLY way to be sure that a system is safely installed, and that is to crash test it. Pure2O, as a brand of Ionic Systems, use the same Thatcham crash tested chassis and installation method as The Reach & Wash system. As such, Pure2O also has FMVSS-208 certification.

We can’t emphasize the importance of this issue enough. Don’t be taken in by claims that that it really isn’t all that important – your life is at stake. We believe there is no need to sacrifice your safety simply because of price. Pure2O systems offer real value for money from the industry leader, and fully crash tested.

Don’t Gamble with your Safety!

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Clamp Down on Safety

Don’t rely on anyone’s assurance that a system is safe. The only way to be sure is independent testing to a recognised standard.

Thatcham Certificated

Pure2O comply with the FMVSS-208 Safety Standard. Pure2O systems carry their own compliance certificate from Thatcham Research.

Don’t Compromise

Now you don’t have to choose between price and safety. Pure2O gives you both”. Making it a cost-effective and safe solution.

About Thatcham Research

Thatcham Research is an internationally respected vehicle crash-testing and research centre. Based in the South of England, Thatcham’s extensive facilities allow for many different types of vehicle safety and impact testing. Thatcham is the centre of choice for most Insurance companies.

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